Many technologies are developed in the bicycle industry first and then applied to other industries. This means that bikes are always getting more advanced, but it also means that a bicycle technician’s job is getting more complicated. Technicians need to constantly learn new servicing techniques and specifications for new products, as well as adapt to electronic technologies.


Our team of technicians share decades of experience in both shop and professional racing environments, and we constantly strive to learn more about new tech.

Online Booking:

- Use the Hubtiger booking page below when booking your bike from your computer.

When using your mobile device, it is better to download the Hubtiger app and book through the app.


- Note that your bike needs to be at the shop by 09:00 on the day of your booking, preferably dropped off the day before.

- If you can not make it to the store during normal trading hours to drop off your bike, you can arrange for us to collect your bike, or call us to arrange for early drop-off (bike must be booked on Hubtiger first)