In today's dynamic retail enviroment, the role of the local bike shop is constantly changing but remains relevant.


At Trailwolf we change with the times and adapt. We aim to provide superior service and the best advice, gained from real world experience. Come see us to chat about your next purchase. Whatever you are looking for, we’ve probably used it before and have some useful advice to share on the subject!


We share knowledge freely.           


 We sell the products we believe in.      


The more people on bikes, the better.


We love nature and adventure and want to share it with as many people as possible.



Invest in your lifestyle.


We are firm believers that it is impossible to ride a bike and be unhappy. We love riding bikes, we love working on bikes, and we love talking about bikes.


Sometimes what you need is the simplicity of getting out into the mountain, without any wheels, just running and enjoying nature. 


We live in a beautiful world, and one of the most amazing countries on top of that. We are explorers, beyond the bike park trails or the city streets.


The Trailwolf brand is more than a bikeshop. We have developed a range of lifestyle products that meet the quality criteria we insist on, in the style we like.