Our staff is passionate about bikes. When they are not in the shop, you’ll find them at events, either racing or wrenching for the pro teams. Or they’ll be out training, or lost somewhere on a bikepacking tour.


They know how to help you get what you need, and can give you the best advice.

It’s all about the service.

And the people.


And the service we offer to the people.


Our team of technicians share decades of experience in both shop and professional racing environments, and we constantly strive to learn more about new tech.


Having the perfect ride depends on the perfect setup. 

Having the correct bicycle setup or even buying the right sized bicycle has a significant impact on your overall riding experience.


Consistency is key in achieving personal fitness goals, grabbing your first podium position or keeping it. 

With professional coaching and training programs from Shaun Oosthuizen, you will surely reach your next.


Training is essential and crucial to achieving goals. But training hard doesn't always treat your body the best, and often, injuries do occur. 

Altie Clark is a retired SA cycling champion and current trail runner and surely knows best when it comes to recovery through her world- class equipment.


Travelling or don't own a bike? Looking to become a cycling enthusiast or want to ride with friends?

It doesn't matter what the reason might be, we are all for riding bikes and escaping the daily rat race.